There were people in and out of the restroom
and a decadent smoke in the air
we were introduced by the groom
to the woman with the mole in the neck
she said don’t you know there’s a dress code you’re not supposed to wear blue
and I said why well I didn’t know
nobody told me what to do
there was Tracy Stacey and me we were given drinks by the host
he had a white spot on the nose
he said boy you better believe it
I got signed for an episode
Sean is the man in the loop
he knows people out on the moon and my girl was shaken she said I’m proud of you
there was Tracy Stacey and me and when I said I wanna’ go home
everyone’s out of control
I went by the restroom
and got me a tiny dose
that’s when I turned into Moses
and everyone a saint
I gotta’ find the ocean and walk across the bay
there was Tracy Stacey and me